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Here is a compilation of some of our co-founder/co-chief Rich_the_Equalizer’s writings and recordings on various topics relating to becoming woke:

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 “50 Reasons We are (Still) Slaves”

 Pathways to Freedom:  Escaping the American Plantation System &

”Thug-o-Cracy: A State of Emergency”

 “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if they knew they were slaves.”—Harriet Tubman

American 2021 Declaration of Dependence: Renewing the Vows

To all “black” citizen slaves, in order to maintain your life and citizenship on the “U.S. Plantation”, you are forced to submit to “whites” in every way, especially those whites in positions of authority and the white money establishment, and you are forced to adopt “white” culture, lifestyles and attitudes. Some ways this indoctrination is accomplished include:

  • Being taught white history in schools and that everything good was created by whites, reinforced by the media and every formal information system.
  • Being taught to express yourselves as white kids do or you will be labeled disruptive or illiterate.
  • Being forced to live on reservations in lower income inner city and rural slums, where the schools are relatively unfunded.
  • Being forced to accept work with less than living wages, working hard, and still being characterized as lazy, shiftless and on the dole. And when borrowing to survive, or to go to college, becoming high interest debt slaves to the whites, who can foreclose on and repo your homes, cars, and other possessions easily and without recourse.
  • Being taught that white religions and distortions of Christianity are somehow superior, building mega churches and soaking the members for millions, all of which goes back into the white economy, and dividing blacks by religion and denomination to spread disunity and maintain control by asserting false superiority dichotomies, as if Christianity is better than Islam and other religions (i.e. White Superiority Fallacy=Christian Superiority Fallacy).
  • By allowing a few into higher paid professions and occupations, especially in the corporate capitalist world, where you will have to oppress the lower level wage slaves to maintain your positions and new middle class or better lifestyles—and you will have to play by their rules of lying and cheating to increase your employers’ profits over the competition. (Once you reach this level you will be forced to forget where you came from and will have to sell out your mothers and brothers in order to maintain your status.) If you choose the noble profession of education you will have to teach white history and will be subjected to impossible performance expectations with little resources, compelling cheating to elevate grades and meet hollow goals.
  • By allowing a few into law enforcement where you will have to profile, harass, falsely arrest and murder other blacks in order to maintain your positions and “survive”, and you will become pawns condemning your own children and youth to the school to prison pipeline. To determine why some black folk run away from the police, ask yourself, why did some run away from the fugitive slave catchers?
  • By allowing or forcing many into the military where you will be sent to murder innocent non-whites around the world in order to preserve white money and dominance here, and, if you reach home alive, you will be mentally and/or physically damaged for life.
  • By allowing some into elected offices, even as Mayors and Presidents, but even there you will have to protect the white money & power brokers  on Wall Street and beyond, will be able to do little to improve the lot of ordinary blacks,  and will even label other poor blacks, including children, who are enslaved and entrapped on inner city slum reservations and concentration camps,  “thugs”, while you are sending drone missiles and soldiers around the world to kill non-whites and their “collateral” (meaning women and children) for America’s—meaning white money’s—security.

(e. g. In Baltimore, even with a black mayor, police chief and state attorney, of the six officers charged in the murder of an innocent black man, the three black ones have the most serious combined charges, while the three white officers/fugitive slave chasers, were the ones who wrongfully profiled, tackled, arrested and shackled the victim.)

  • By allowing you to vote and to think that your vote counts when you are really only allowed to vote for the white money system’s chosen candidates from the two parties they know they can control; a two party plutocratic oligarchy system which gives you only the illusion of a choice while spending billions to convince you otherwise.
  • By allowing a few into the sports and entertainment celebrity arena, where most are used and spit out at the mercy of white money managers who make sure that the white establishment gets the majority of profits with little regard for the health and welfare of the athletes and celebrities, many of whom end up dead young, in prison, or mentally and physically spent.
  • A few will be allowed into the world of white collar—white money organized crime, which is run by most of the “legitimate” white establishment, including drug and human trafficking, where you have to oppress and murder other black people…but of course will take the fall for the white bosses when there is any threat of exposure.
  • And when the white establishment needs to divert attention from its own corruption and wrongdoings, it will periodically single out a few blacks from each of the above elitist categories and charge them with crimes to make an example to other blacks that just because they let you into those ranks  don’t think you are uppity and can’t be removed on a whim— high level “purges” (while the purges at the lower levels are ongoing and never stop, and are often carried out by the blacks in higher places on their own people). And, in our separate and unequal justice system, you will be forced to accept plea deals that will make you guilty and brand you, and your fellow blacks, as criminals, forcing you to pay dues to the white establishment in perpetuity through inordinate fines, slave incarceration labor, probation fees. (E.G. The Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial with a black district attorney forced by the Atlanta white establishment to prosecute black teachers for the crime of cheating—which the power brokers do every day.)
  • If any one of you alone tries to buck this system, and succeeds in exposing any part of it, you will be eliminated through assassination or incarceration.

However, you will be allowed a few civil rights leaders who will be allowed to redress a few individual cases of injustice, but if they attempt systemic change, especially affecting the economic system, they will be assassinated or incarcerated.

  • If you are a West Indian or African black immigrant, and you abide by this system and don’t import your concepts of self-rule, and if you join in the oppression of the American blacks, you will be afforded a position slightly above them but under whites.
  • If you are a mixed race, black and white, at least for one generation you will be considered and treated as black, until your offspring can pass as white, and, then, if you abide by this system, and join in the oppression of those who can’t pass, you will be allowed to enter the ranks of white privilege. 

To all white citizen slaves, you will not only be able to maintain your life and citizenship, but your elevation and privilege above blacks and other non-whites, if you cooperate with all of the above and do not buck the system. This indoctrination is accomplished by:

  • A thorough and ongoing mis-education in your schools and churches to remove your cultural identities and heritages (Italian, Irish, German, Greek, etc) and homogenize you into “white, Christian Americans” who are brainwashed to believe that you are inherently or divinely-ordained superior to blacks, other non-whites, other religions, and other nations. Therefore, with no real identity except a false one, you will be powerless to effect any real change or threat to the establishment.
  • Some perks and crumbs of white superiority privilege which include: not being targeted by law enforcement, easier access to both slave wage and higher level jobs (both of which have to be maintained by oppressing those under you, especially blacks and other non-whites), access to better housing and schools, and non-harassment to enjoy your lifestyles appropriate to your income levels, including relatively light sentences when caught committing crimes.
  • If any one of you alone tries to buck this system, and succeeds in exposing any part of it, your privileged status will be revoked and you will be eliminated through assassination or incarceration.

To all Latino/brown citizen slaves, you will not only be able to maintain your life and citizenship, but also your elevation and privilege above blacks but below whites (unless you are Cuban or very light skinned and can pass), if you cooperate with all of the above and do not buck the system. This indoctrination is accomplished by:

  • Being mis-educated regarding the inferiority of blacks and inferiority of your own countries and cultures south of the border when compared to “American, white, Christian” culture.
  • Becoming “assimilated” into U.S. plantation culture and religion.
  • Joining the “drug war” against your countries, and the war against “illegal immigrants” and refugees caused by this endless and profitable war.

To all other non-white immigrant slaves, excluding Muslims, you are welcome here as long as you have money or special skills to invest, and either assimilate or keep to yourselves and spend a lot of money in our white economy, but, either way, you must join in with and support all of the white repression and control of blacks, outlined above. Otherwise you will be deported, assassinated or incarcerated.

To Muslim slaves, especially those of Middle Eastern & African origin, your money is welcome here, but you are not, and we would prefer to place you all in concentration camps, since we are at war with Islam (not just radical Islam, as we lie and say), while we figure out what to do with you. We would force you to join in the repression of blacks but don’t trust that you will, and may become their allies, because of your damn teachings in the Koran regarding equality and equity, that also make you believe that you are not slaves here (which is very dangerous)…so we are hoping that you are deported, assassinated or incarcerated, as you are the antithesis of every true American (white and Christian), but we first have to find a way to freeze and steal your assets. (If we don’t figure something out soon we will likely stage another 9/11 terrorist attack to blame on you.)

To Native American slaves, you are marginalized on reservations, with plenty of poverty, alcohol and now gambling casinos to distract you from your traditions and the reparations which are still owed to you. And those of you off the reservations and in the cities who think you are white will be allowed to live that illusion as long as you don’t buck the system and do join in repressing the blacks, which you often do.  You are a sleeping giant that we need to keep sedated at all costs so if you attempt to wake up you will be eliminated by incarceration or assassination.

To Young, Millennial Activist slaves, you are singled out because your awareness, use of modern technology, and energy is troubling and a threat to this system, so you will be cautiously allowed to experience marginal success in your protests, while every attempt will be made, utilizing the “elders” of all the other groups, to co-opt you into this system with offers of careers, jobs, elected positions and other temporary material perks and crumbs. And if you refuse to comply and become too successful in your change movement you will be eliminated through incarceration and assassination.

American African 2015 Declaration of Independence: Divorcing the Vows

Some of the proposed pathways to freedom for black people, and ultimately all slaves (because all people’s freedom is dependent on black freedom), from this American plantation system and “thug-ocracy”, are outlined below:

  • First, admit that we are all slaves and this is a plantation system with little difference than that which Harriet Tubman referred to except for its sophistication and entrenchment.
  • Acknowledge that you (blacks) are a powerful and noble people, descended from great civilizations, and are destined to lead modern uncivilized society back to its spiritual, moral, intellectual and material pinnacles and principles.
  • In order to do this you will have to separate yourselves from immersion in the white-money-controlled plantation system and gradually from its influence altogether, and focus your energies on building  alternative systems of governance, economics and society, based on your more advanced, humane and equitable principles of civilization. Black people will never be free under white rule in this system as whites have been conditioned for hundreds of years to retain control and ascendance, will never willingly give up their privilege and superiority complex (as it is their identity, albeit a false one), and the white money establishment will not let them do so even if they wanted to.
  •  This modern “separation” and separatist movement can and will take many forms—geographical, economic, political, social—and all reasonable and principled alternatives and pathways to freedom have to be offered and made available to the people at the levels they are currently at, without one cookie-cutter approach, as the proverbial baby bottle cannot be yanked out without providing alternative sustenance that people can digest at whatever stage of development they are.  However, at all levels, black leadership and unity must be maintained, as well as common principles. (This unity is unity in diversity and not conformity, meaning that not everyone or every group has to do the same things to achieve the same goals; there are many paths leading to the same mountain tops.)
  • Current resources and energy wasted on fixing and/or destroying the current systems can be diverted to developing and building alternative or shadow systems of equitable governance and economics. The old inequitable systems are being destroyed by their own inner corruption and through either natural selection or divine intervention, or both, and your withdrawal of support will only help its weakening and decaying process.  You will build an ark for the people, the few willing and conscious at first, and then gradually more and more will come as conditions worsen.
  • Among your greatest allies will be “aware Muslims” , “aware youth”, especially young, millennial activists (aka “Black Lives Matter” or “Movement for Black Lives” movements),  traditional, indigenous peoples, and conscious black West Indian and African immigrants, as those groups are the least assimilated, co-opted, and immersed in this corrupt system.
  • Conscious whites and others will be welcomed to join this “separatist” movement however it should be made clear to them from the onset that its’ alternative governance structures will insure that blacks maintain leadership, as it is the nature or practice of whites and other groups, due to their conditioning, to try and take control away from blacks.  Black youth and women must also be assured equal and strong voice leadership roles.
  • Reparations must be demanded and, if necessary, taken, in the form of land grants from the Federal government which holds millions of unutilized acres in trust.
  • Many will decry separatism since integration was so bravely and sacrificially fought for. In fact, desegregation never led to full integration. However those who are willing to listen and learn will be re-educated to the fact that integration and other similar “victories” won in the past have been compromised to such an extent by this new or renewed plantation system that it is time for a major retreat and journey to the proverbial wilderness. All the past prophets and sages have led their people to do this throughout the ages, and now it is needed again in order to regroup and truly integrate society on your terms and not those of the white-money-power brokers.  (Both King’s and Mandela’s work in this regard was cut short—that is, the reformation of the economic and governance systems by the blacks and their allies.) Those who don’t or aren’t willing to listen, may be forced by circumstances later to do so, if it isn’t too late for them. You cannot save everyone if they don’t know that they are slaves, so you have to focus initially on the willing. Another note about “separatism” –we are already a society separated by race, class, sexual orientation, political ideologies, etc.—with separate justice and economic systems, separate rules and laws—the most cleverly disguised anarchy in history, posing as a “united states”—so let’s just get honest about it and build our separate society—a nation within many disparate ones—our “beloved community” and promised land—through this new American African revolution. Eventually, it will be won, and ONE! (Note: In this virtual age this does not mean we have to physically or geographically live separately, though some may wish to do so. It does mean that we have to consciously detach from and become relatively independent of the present totally corrupted system, as a condition of true freedom from slavery.)

And what can white and other slaves do to help this revolution: support your conscious black brothers and sisters by learning their noble history and struggle (from them), by listening to them, by supporting them in the ways they tell you to support them—in other words to become their servants in every way—a long awaited, prophesied and needed role reversal which will set our society and world back on its course toward greatness!

(Notes: 1) Specific references, resources, and examples for building new, collective, “separatist” communities based on the principles listed in the “Declaration of Independence” above can be requested at; 2) This document was partly inspired by the work of author and professor, Ezrah Aharone, on developing a “sovereign psyche”, in his book “The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom”.