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Woke EQualizers: A movement of superheroes who have committed to non-violently EQualize bullies and bullying in all its forms, including the Triple Evils (institutionalized bullying), and who are building Beloved Community to protect and defend those bullied and rid the world of bullying and the Triple Evils of racism, poverty, and militarism forever, though the Beloved Community solutions of oneness, equity, and peace.

EQualized/EQualizing: Whenever someone, some group, or some nation expresses in thought, word or deed unfounded superiority claims over another—based on their race, gender, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, etc.—which is the foundation of all bullying, they will be shown through non-violent but firm, direct words and deeds that they are not superior and actually suffer an inferiority complex, self-hate, and delusions of grandeur due to the fact that they have to invent fake superiority claims to feel good about themselves or their country. In a word, they are EQualized. In a personal sense, EQualizers will also EQualize themselves daily to stay humble and make sure that they are not exalting themselves above others, by listening to and learning from anyone and everyone, especially those they disagree with, and trying to bring empathy, healing, and unity, in the spirit of oneness and reconciliation. However, sometimes they may have to exercise “tough love” in order to defend individuals and groups from immediate bullying, but the ultimate goal is still always healing and reconciliation.

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Some other activities you can begin participating in immediately to help lead yourself and others to greater oneness and wokefulness:

1) Join the global movement which is already changing the world GLOBAL CITIZEN.

2. A must read and really one of the main “textbooks” of this Institute is the book by Ezrah Aharone The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom (We will be compiling an abridged version and posting it on this website, so stay tuned but in the meantime you can order and/or read excerpts from the book by clicking on the title.)

3. Join the continental revolutionary movement, Symbiosis, “a confederation of community organizations across North America, building a democratic and ecological society from the ground up.

4. Join the main organization exposing and trying to end America’s violent, militaristic, and terroristic foreign policy Win Without War.

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