The Environment/Climate Change

Protecting our environment and reversing the effects of climate change and global warming are perhaps the most imperative issues to become more wokeful and intentional about, not only for our sake but for our children’s and granchildren’s. In this section there will be some bad news and good news about what is occuring, some of which you are witnessing and being affected by in the climate related disasters taking place in both our own backyards and afar, and what may occur if we don’t and do take action. The old adage “Think Globally, Act Locally” has never been more applicable, and we will list some small and big actions you can take as you are awokened to these realities.

Some activities you can join us in immediately to further the goals of environmental oneness and wokefulness include:

1) Join the global movement which is already changing the world GLOBAL CITIZEN.

2. A must read and really one of the main “textbooks” of this Institute is the book by Ezrah Aharone The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom (We will be compiling an abridged version and posting it on this website, so stay tuned but in the meantime you can order and/or read excerpts from the book by clicking on the title.)

3. Join the continental revolutionary movement, Symbiosis, “a confederation of community organizations across North America, building a democratic and ecological society from the ground up.

4. Join the main organization exposing and trying to end America’s violent, militaristic, and terroristic foreign policy Win Without War.

5. Check out our Global Woke Institute video-casts and podcasts