The first general “wokefulness” self-test follows. Other tests in more specific areas (e.g. American & World History; Race & Anti-Racism; Environment/Climate Change; LGBTQ; etc.) will be added periodically—so stay tuned and keep checking.


The purpose of this test is to help you determine how “woke” you really are, from a global perspective, measured against standards and values set generally by the popular definitions of the term found in the dictionary and encyclopedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woke ), and, specifically, by global standards and values set by the “Woke Institute” advisory board—all of which are constantly advancing and evolving based on new understandings and further “awokening” . (In that spirit, we invite suggestions for improvement of this test, as well as any other aspects of our site, as either a guest or member.)

Take the test as honestly as you can, in each category section, then add up your point score and compare it to the different score levels of “wokefulness” we have outlined in the answer key* to each section, and then overall at the end. Also, included in the answer keys will be resources you can learn from and activities you can engage in to improve your scores and “wokefulness”. (Also, since this is based on your own honest self-evaluation, feel free to give yourself half or double the suggested points for any question when you feel it is appropriate.)

(Note: Becoming “woke” is a life-long process so be happy for whatever degree of “wokefulness” you have already achieved, and realize that none of us can ever be 100% woke—we all need our sleep. You must decide how woke you really want to be at this or any stage of your life, because with wokefulness comes responsibility.)

You can read the test below and take it here .


Self:  How “woke” am I about myself in relation to the world around me?

  1. What ethnic groups did I descend from: my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, as far back as I can go?  (*6 points for each answer other than White/Caucasian/European)                                   Points=_____
  2. How did my immigrant or native ancestors from those ethnic groups get here and become established here in America? (“Legally”, “Illegally”, Land Grant, Pioneers, Settlers, Natives, Slaves?)  (*4 points for either “illegally”, Natives, or Slaves)                                            Points=_____  
  3. Have I traveled to the lands where my ancestors originated, or traveled anywhere outside of America for educational rather than just recreational purposes? (4 pts for each affirmative answer) Points____                         
  4. Have I traveled within America to learn about different cultures here? (e.g., Amerindian, Hispanic, Amish, rural Black, rural White; Appalachia) (2 pts for each answer)                                                       Points=___
  5. Have I lived in any of the above areas within America or among those of a different culture than my own? (2 pts for each answer) Points=___
  6. Have I lived outside of America as a youth or adult civilian (non-military) for any period of time? * (10 pts)                                     Points=____                                    
  7. What college degrees have I attained? (2 pts for each) Points=____
  8. Am I an omnivore, vegetarian (2pts), or vegan (2pts)?      Points=___
  9. Am I active now or in the past in any social justice or humanitarian organizations or movements focused on assisting people less fortunate than I am? (2 pts for each)                                                      Points_____                                  
  10. Have I participated in any protests or other direct actions related to the above? (2 pts for each)                                                       Points_____
  11. Am I active in any international organizations which are assisting people less fortunate than I in other lands? (10 pts for each)           Points_____                                  
  12. Beyond basic necessities, in relation to my material possessions and property (including clothing, housing, vehicles, money etc.) am I relatively unattached (2 pts), attached, strongly attached, or a minimalist? (4 pts)                                                                                Points____
  13. Which saying better describes a woke attitude: “Live simply so that others may simply live!” or “One standard of success is being able to afford the finer things in life”? (See answer key for right answer &  2 points)                                                                                           Points____
  14. Do I recycle (6 pts), or does everything go into the trash?  Points____
  15. Is America better or more exceptional than all or most other countries? * (*See answer key for right answer & 10 points)                Points_____                    
  16. As a general rule, who and what does the American capitalist economic system exist to benefit the most? (*See answer key for right answers and 5 pts each)                                                                            Points _____
  17. As a general rule, who and what does the American law enforcement & justice system exist to protect and serve the most. (*See answer key for right answers and 5 pts each)                                                   Points______        
  18. As a general rule, who and what does the American military exist to protect and serve? (*See answer key for right answers & 10 pts each)


  • Should reparations be paid to those groups of people whom America has harmed, both at home and abroad?  Who should pay for those reparations, everyone, or the wealthy & corporations? (See answer key for right answer and 2points for each right answer)                   Points____
  • As a general rule, who and what does the American government and political system exist to serve and benefit the most? (See answer key for right answers & 4 pts each.)                                                                                                                     
  • What pronouns do I use? (2 pts for anything other than he/him or she/her)                                                                                 Points_____
  • Who are the main causes of destructive climate change? * (See answer key for right answers & 2 points each)                            Points_____                
  • Do I think that I am superior to any one or group of people based on my race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, etc.? (2 pts for no)                                                                                                               Points____
  • Are my friends generally like me or from different and diverse backgrounds? (2 pts each for close friends from different cultures) 


  • How Woke do I really think I am—on a scale from 1 to 10, with ten being the most woke? How Woke do I really want to be—on a scale from 1 to 10?

*ANSWER KEY (note: not all questions above require reference here to the key; only those with an; *)

a. Why does non-white heritage get points? Because if you are born non-white then you are forced to be somewhat woke, just because of your skin-tone.

b. Why do undocumented immigrant, Native American, or slave ancestors earn me points? Because if you are from one of those backgrounds you are born somewhat woke.

f. Why so many points (10) for living outside of America? Because, due to the intense brainwashing and conditioning of Americans, it is almost impossible for any American who has not lived elsewhere to be fully “woke”, therefore it is a major catapult for obtaining “wokefulness”.(For this reason, you will notice that every question of an international nature carries more points than domestic ones.)

m. “Live Simply so That Others May Simply Live”

o. The answer is NO. America is “exceptional” in some good and bad ways, just as is each country.

p. Some correct answers: the wealthy; the elite; corporations; corrupt politicians.

q. Some correct answers: property; corporations; the wealthy; the elite.

r. Some correct answers: corporations; the wealthy; corrupt international leaders.

s.. Yes, there should be reparations in some form to bring equity and a level playing field so that we can then talk about equality—and definitely, those who benefitted most (and still do) from systems of oppression—the wealthy and corporations–should foot the bill.

t. Some correct answers: the wealthy; corporations; the elite; property.

v.  The main cause agents for destructive climate change are humans, fossil fuel companies, deforestation developers, many other types of industry, and corrupt elected officials who allow it.

RESOURCES & ACTIVITIES (Give yourself 4 pts for each activity below completed)

  1. Check your heritage through DNA tests.  Also, if you are considered “White” and want to learn about others’ experiences as people of color, try reading “How To Be An Antiracist” by Kendi (and here is a link to an abridged version). If you want to learn about yourself as a “white person” in America, read Anderson’s White Rage and DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”.                                                                                                                                  Points____
  2. If you would like to find social justice and social welfare organizations in your area to join, write us at laboroflovecampaign@gmail.com and let us know what you would like to do and where you live. Also, feel free to sign up as a member of the “Woke Institute” and/or “Free State Movement”.


j. If you would like to get on the mailing list for protests in your area write us at laboroflovecampaign@gmail.com .                                           Points=_____

n.   Why recycle?  Because…                                    

      o.  If you want to learn how exceptionally bad America’s empire-building has been for the world, read any of Blum’s books, “Killing Hope” and “Rogue State”. If you’d like to find out how exceptionally far behind America is in terms of treating its’ citizens equitably and taking care of the most vulnerable, watch the Netflix movie by Michael Moore, “Where to Invade Next?”.                        Points=_____

     s.  If you want to understand more about reparations, read Coates’ “The Case for Reparations.”                                                                                      Points=_____

    v.  On climate change, watch this PBS docuseries.                          Points=_____

(Note: for any of the suggested activities list above, if you have read or viewed a resource similar to the ones listed, give yourself the appropriate 4 points for each, and please share those resources with us at Resources , or via email at laboroflovecampaign@gmail.com ,so that we may add them to the list. Also, if you are more into viewing movies rather than reading, all of the authors listed have you-tube videos you can watch instead and still earn the points.)

Woke Score Card for this Section:

150 to 200+ Points= Advanced

75 to 150  Points= Intermediate

0 to 75 Points= Beginner

Some activities you can join us in immediately to further the goals of oneness and wokefulness include:

1) Join the global movement which is already changing the world GLOBAL CITIZEN.

2. A must read and really one of the main “textbooks” of this Institute is the book by Ezrah Aharone The Sovereign Psyche: Systems of Chattel Freedom vs. Self-Authentic Freedom (We will be compiling an abridged version and posting it on this website, so stay tuned but in the meantime you can order and/or read excerpts from the book by clicking on the title.)

3. Join the continental revolutionary movement, Symbiosis, “a confederation of community organizations across North America, building a democratic and ecological society from the ground up.

4. Join the main organization exposing and trying to end America’s violent, militaristic, and terroristic foreign policy Win Without War.

5. Check out our Global Woke Institute video-casts and podcasts