Discussion on Equality from our Global Woke Institute FB group

Discussion on Equality from our Global Woke Institute FB group

MR If we are not equal in aptitude, we are not equal in upbringing, and we are not equal in usefulness, which many are not. What are we equal in? are we equal in what we deserve, or is my question not rational, at this time in history?


Global Woke Institute MR, Thanks for your thoughtful comment and question. There are many things we are or should be equal in—and who defines “aptitude”: are you talking about intellect, emotional intelligence, the capacity to love and be loved. And we agree that there is no such thing as absolute equality in anything, but there is an essential oneness which binds us together with all human beings, and really all living things, proven by both science and religion, and any other standard and tool we have.. That is what we have to explore and revisit, and build our systems of education, economics, government and other institutions upon. (And there are plenty of models of this we can learn from, including both ancient Native American and African and European cultures, as well as modern ones.) And yes, equity before equality–meaning equal opportunity for everyone to develop their innate talents and capacities–regardless of race, class, gender, etc.Those are some places to start–and, as I’ve said, there are models, mostly outside of the U.S., where this is successfully accomplished–where there is more equity, equality and justice. Our Global Woke Institute will be learning from and sharing these models, and actually initiating some in communities in the U.S. since it is high time we realize we don’t have all the answers and need to learn from others.

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