Revised Global Woke Institute Manifesto, Mission Statement and Guiding Principles




This existing, inexorably, and irreparably corrupt, racist, classist, terroristic, materialistic, misogynistic, militaristic system—which is the “old world order”–was founded to protect only the elite through any oppressive and violent means necessary and continues to do so with precision through its past and present, entrenched, divisive neoconservative and neoliberal capitalist practices and policies. The extreme conditioning Americans have received, from every institution in this system, causes us to believe that it is somehow “normal”, or even “exceptional”, and fixable, hence the need for new or renewed free and “woke”, universal and sovereign states of mind, body and spirit, individually and collectively, to free us from this conditioning and lead us to the ultimate goal of ONENESS, which equals “Wokeness” in our new vernacular. ( Yes, we are using the popularized “Woke” concept, regardless of any connotations it may conjure, as it means, in our context, “awakening, wakefulness, and enlightenment” to the reality of ONENESS and the American and global socio-economic and political divisive realities expressed above, as well as to our own personal self-awareness and development as wholistic beings, in relation to all living things.) We do not apologize for this deliberate bias, as everyone, especially Americans, growing up under the indoctrination of this systemically corrupt system, must be reprogrammed, to one extent or another, in order to achieve a “sovereign psyche” and a ONENESS re-orientation. In the course of this Institute, you will determine that extent for yourself, without pressure or judgment, as no one can or should do it for you, so it is “self-reprogramming.” Also, in this context “sleep” or being “asleep” is not a bad thing, if it mimics physical sleep and is only one third or fourth of our days, as we need some degree of self-care, however too much sleep renders us self-absorbed and not open to the realities expressed above and around us, affecting other living beings.


Guiding Principles:

1. Oneness: There is only one race of humans—the human race— we are all connected in a “network of mutuality” (MLK), and an injustice to one is an injustice to all, both spiritually and practically, as no one can reach their full potential when the opportunity to do so is withheld from another. This oneness also extends beyond humans to all living things which are bound together in symbiotic synergies which must be learned, respected, nurtured, and sustained, just as our human relationships are.

2. Sovereignty: True freedom is attained only when every human is afforded the opportunity to think for themselves, to use all the tools available to independently investigate truth and knowledge for themselves, and to develop a “sovereign psyche” and mentality(Aharone) —a sovereign state of mind, body, and spirit, free from the manipulative control and conditioning of systems and others.

3. Unity in Diversity, not in conformity. Every person, culture, nation is unique and has unique capacities and gifts to contribute to their own well-being and that of the world.

4. Intersectionality & Equity: “Until the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter”.(African Proverb) The lions have learned to write and will now not only be allowed but encouraged to tell their story, so the voices of the women, and the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) will be promoted and prominent in every undertaking and role.

5. Servant Leadership/Decolonization : A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps all people develop and perform as highly as possible. ‘Just as individuals can become servant leaders, so must nations (rather than rulers , colonizers, empire builders). America’s greatness lies in its diversity—the most diverse nation on earth—and its destiny is to servant- lead the world in this regard, embracing its own unity in diversity (still a major work in progress), and promoting and supporting oneness and unity in diversity world-wide (the opposite of its present foreign policy of exploitation and attempted domination).

6. Equality of Men & Women: Until there is equal opportunity for women, and they are valued and their rights protected, equal to men, the whole world will be out of balance and there will not be peace on earth or the proper development of humanity, as mothers are the first educators and nurturers of human-kind, and are equally capable in government, enterprise, academia, science, technology, agriculture, and every arena of human development.

WHAT IS THE “ GLOBAL WOKE INSTITUTE” It is a guided but self-paced, self-directed, and self-evaluated educational journey with tools to help you determine “How Woke Am I—really” and “How Woke Do I Really Want to Be” (as we all need some sleep 😊), on your path to ONENESS.

Some of the subject matter areas will include: ONENESS orientation; servant leadership; economic democracy/cooperation; anti-racism; world citizenship; democratic/horizontal assembly/consensus group decision-making; wholistic personal/family/community development; spirituality/religion, politics, history, the environment.


This guided educational journey will use the tools of both traditional and innovative/digital learning activities, from a global perspective, including but not limited to: Questions & Answers; Instructional Podcasts and Videocasts; Self-administered Tests; Games; Personal Scorecards. Guidance will be provided by instructors/mentors/subject matter experts from around the world, with an emphasis on women, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) “lions” and “lionesses”, as it is time for the lion to tell the story.

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