In a few words this recent astute KSU college grad tells the story of the world and America’s imperialism and terror …

In a few words this recent astute KSU college grad tells the story of the world and America’s imperialism and terror (and Biden, Obama, and most every leader has been just as complicit and little, if any, better when it comes to our foreign policy of oppression).

“What Trump and a lot of Americans fail to understand is that imperialism, colonialism and the military occupation of [once great] countries is the ACTUAL “shithole” that causes them to THEN became destitute places. And that pillaging countries for their resources, free/discounted labor, and then slapping them with embargoes or economic sanctions later on for their lack of cooperation in the furtherance of the aforementioned new age imperialism/colonialism ALL contributed to the economic inequity, as well as the political/civil unrest.

THIS is what subsequently leads to increasing crime, diminishing infrastructure, and lack of access to resources.

Speaking of crime though, what we’re not going to do is pretend like the United States and other western powers don’t have a history of essentially aiding and abetting criminals and organizations who seek to terrorize and overthrow the governing bodies of these now, fragile countries– so they can then go in under the guise of providing “assistance,” that turns into full-blown military occupation. All of which (for lack of a better term), fucks up their ability properly allocate whatever resources they have left, and further widens the gap between the rich and poor, while instilling fear in the hearts of many– have you ever lived in a place where soldiers march outside your hometown?

ALL of this plays a huge part as to why people in these places are looking for new opportunities.

To be quite frank if you’d rather not admit passage to people from “shithole countries,” you could always implement some formal financial restitutions that would pay us/them back for the free/discounted labor, discounted/stolen goods— and the emotional damage that waging war, killing innocent civilians, and sexually assaulting women causes.

It is absolutely INCREDIBLE that we exploited/continue to exploit countless countries, ruin their political and social infrastructure, suck them dry of raw goods, and financial resources, sending them into a downward spiral, and then look at them as though they are beneath us– as if we didn’t build our countries on their backs with their blood on our hands. “

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